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Working As An Integrated Care Team

Our Care Corner this week is focused on how utilizing integrated care teams can streamline treatment, and significantly improve a patient’s health and well-being. When you combine two incredible care-focused teams such as the Patient Support[...]

How Customized Care Improves Adherence Rates

Tracy just finished an inpatient hospital stay and started a new chemotherapy regimen that she was quite apprehensive about. Her clinical pharmacist called to check on progress of her new treatment. Tracy explained that she was so relieved to[...]

Holistic Approach to Care

Mary, a patient living with cancer, received a check-in call from her clinical pharmacist recently to discuss how she was doing with her medications. During their conversation, Mary revealed that in addition to managing her condition, she was[...]

Why Integrated Care Matters

Jacob is currently filling his medication at his hospital specialty pharmacy for his chronic condition. He works closely with his Pharmacy Liaison, who recently renewed a prior authorization for his medication. Unfortunately, when the medication[...]

Growing Your Specialty Pharmacy Program

Thomas, a patient suffering from a long term chronic illness diagnosis, has managed his condition for most of his adult life. He also lives with a slew of other mentally destabilizing illnesses, which leads him to rely heavily on the services he[...]

Going Above and Beyond for Patient Care

Daniel, the husband of a chronically ill patient, called his wife’s Pharmacy Liaison because she was in urgent need of her medication. The Liaison knew this patient well and had supported her and Daniel in their time of need many times before.[...]

Identifying Patients Who Need Integrated Pharmacy Care Most

Mary, a patient recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, showed up to one of her first clinic appointments excited and a little scared to meet with her physician and discuss her treatment plan. With the help of the clinic’s specialty pharmacy[...]

Improving Medication Adherence in Your High Risk Specialty Patient Population

Susan, a patient living with a chronic condition for most her life, has a track record of poor medication adherence. When she recently came in for a doctor’s appointment, it was clear that her health was failing. Susan spoke with her nurse and[...]

Commitment To Care

Michael has been filling his specialty medication at his hospital specialty pharmacy for a while now with the support of his Pharmacy Liaison and a grant to cover his medication copays. Recently, he had to transfer his care to a larger hospital[...]

Life Changing

Susan is living with a chronic condition and uses her Pharmacy Liaison and her hospital specialty pharmacy’s services on a regular basis. She recently called up her Liaison for a different reason though. She spoke to her about the issues that her[...]

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