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Tears of Joy

Beth, a patient receiving treatment for her condition at her local hospital, has been on various medications for a few months now. A new pharmacy liaison recently started working in the clinic she was in, and introduced himself as well as the[...]

Care Comes First

Jim, a patient suffering from a chronic condition, was at his routine doctor’s appointment recently, when his physician asked him why he wasn’t taking his medication on time. Jim was caught off guard by this question, but confessed to his doctor[...]

Putting the Person First

Kelly, a patient living with a chronic disease diagnosis, was recently having trouble obtaining the specialty medication that she has been taking for many years. Kelly has used a large mail-order pharmacy for the past four years to fill her[...]

Breathing Easier

As an uninsured and undocumented immigrant living with a chronic illness, Jane faces many challenges that complicate her day-to-day life. During a recent visit with her physician, Jane was prescribed a new specialty medication on top of her[...]

Doing The Right Thing Pays Off

James, a patient suffering from a GI related chronic illness, recently transferred his specialty medication over to his local hospital specialty pharmacy. When his pharmacy liaison met with him, she noticed that he needed a new prior[...]

It Only Takes One "Yes"

James has been suffering from a debilitating illness for a few years now and has been trying to get approval for the medication he needs to cure his disease ever since he was diagnosed. Unfortunately, James is an undocumented immigrant patient[...]

A Patient's Champion

Jacob has been managing his chronic illness for years now and has recurring monthly appointments with his physician to get blood work done and update his care team on his condition. Recently, Jacob showed up for his usual appointment and got his[...]

A Trusted Resource

A few days ago, Jack, a patient with a chronic gastrointestinal condition, reached out to his Pharmacy Liaison at his local hospital, in need of some support and clarification. Jack has been taking his specialty medications for a few years now,[...]

Going The Distance

Jason, a teenager suffering from a lifelong chronic illness, attends a boarding school for nine months out of the year, while his parents live thousands of miles away overseas. Jason has spent the past few years learning how to manage his chronic[...]

A Parent's Saving Grace

Julie is a 5 year old patient who suffers from a chronic illness that has required a treatment plan to be administered continuously for the past year. Julie had been on a specific injection therapy for a period of time, and her treatment had been[...]

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