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Dedicated Care

John had been diagnosed with cancer and was soon beginning a new oral chemotherapy treatment. He had been working closely with his Pharmacy Liaison, who obtained the necessary prior authorization for his new therapy and processed the prescription[...]

Unparalleled Support

Cassie, a 20 year old patient diagnosed with a rare disease when she was younger, spoke with her Pharmacy Liaison recently about a new medication for her condition that was coming out in early 2019. She wanted to know if her Liaison would still[...]

The Persistence of Caring

Kimberly was recently prescribed a medication that has been on back order at her hospital specialty pharmacy for several months. During this time the pharmacy was able to order different strengths of the medication to give her the proper dose and[...]

A Dose of Sunshine

Jim, a patient who was diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years ago, recently moved to Florida and was no longer able to fill at his preferred hospital specialty pharmacy. He developed a trustworthy relationship with his Pharmacy Liaison and[...]

Making a Difference

This week’s Care Corner story comes from one of our partners in care, Baystate Health. Baystate recently posted a touching story on its Facebook page from one of our very own Pharmacy Liaisons, Shamia Anthony, who helped eliminate all[...]

A Break From Burden

Jacob, a small business owner struggling with a chronic illness, started a new specialty medication a few weeks ago for his condition.  When he went to fill his first dose he was faced with an $800 bill just for the first month of medication. His[...]

Bridget Cahill and Carol Huynh Earn The Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Designation

Bridget Cahill and Carol Huynh are the most recent Pharmacists at Shields Health Solutions to earn the coveted Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP™) Designation in 2018. Over the past few months, Bridget, a Clinical Pharmacist at Shields, and[...]

Saving the Day

Kathy was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness that shook her whole world. She came in for an appointment with her physician one day and was given a script for a medication to start her treatment. Kathy quickly found out that this medication[...]

The Gift of Relief

Nick, a patient struggling with a fairly new chronic illness diagnosis, has battled various hardships in his life for years. He came into his clinic appointment one day recently and during this time he met with someone who introduced herself as[...]

Extra Dose of Support

Michael was diagnosed with a chronic condition a few months ago and has been filling his specialty medication with a large national pharmacy chain ever since. When he came in for a doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago, a woman introduced[...]

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