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A $114,000 Birthday Gift

From a Hepatitis C clinic: One of my patients with no pharmacy insurance was prescribed Harvoni for 3 months of treatment. The patient couldn’t afford the $100,000 price tag and was stressed not knowing what to do. In all likelihood the treatment would cure him. But he thought his only choices were to sign up for health insurance he couldn’t afford or continue being sick.


I asked him to visit the clinic right away and bring his financials. After helping him fill out financial assistance paperwork, with the support of my Patient Advocate Team,  I was hopeful he would be eligible for Gilead’s “Support Path Program.” The program has been generous with my patients in the past. There was a 30-day window of opportunity to receive financial assistance so we marked the request urgent and received feedback almost immediately.  


To my delight I was soon informed that my patient was receiving $114,000 of medication at no cost! When I called him he was astonished.  He couldn't believe it. The day he heard the news was also his birthday. There was no better gift I could give him. I left work that day with my heart completely full, so happy!


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