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A Dose of Sunshine

Jim, a patient who was diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years ago, recently moved to Florida and was no longer able to fill at his preferred hospital specialty pharmacy. He developed a trustworthy relationship with his Pharmacy Liaison and he was nervous about leaving his care team and not receiving the same high level of diligence and care at his new home in Florida.


To show his appreciation for his Liaison always being kind and supporting him throughout his treatment, Jim decided to send his Pharmacy Liaison a box of fresh oranges shipped from Florida! Jim’s note said: “Thank you for all that you do. I hope this brings a little ‘sunshine’ to your day.”


His Pharmacy Liaison still follows up with him each month (sometimes even multiple times a month) to check in on how he’s doing. When she received the note and fresh oranges she called Jim to thank him for the gift and check in on a couple of his medications that he was taking. Jim and his Liaison spoke for 45 minutes about his recent trip overseas and across the country within the past couple months. After his Liaison thanked him again for the gift, Jim simply responded, “I know how much you’ve done to help me throughout the years and I just wanted to thank you. You keep me on track with my medications and I’m so grateful for that.”


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