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A Lasting Goodbye...

From a specialty pharmacy liaison: This week I was in a private room saying goodbye to one of my patient's, "Bill," whom I have been helping since 2016 to battle Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).  When he and his wife, "Sue," came in for Bill’s weekly transfusions I always talked with them to see how they were both doing. We talked about anything and everything so I really got to know and like them both. 


As I entered Bill’s room, with family and nurses already inside, Sue got up and gave me a big hug with tears running down her face. She thanked me for everything I had done to help Bill over the years.  Then she said, I have to tell you something… Bill told me that if he had the chance to pick a daughter-in-law, it would you. 


I couldn't help but cry, and hug her and thank her. I was so humbled to hear that.  I went over to Bill, who was lying on the bed, and I put my hand on his leg. I told him he was the best and I was honored to have met him and Sue. 


Soon after Bill was picked up by an ambulance and brought home. Hospice was meeting them there. As she prepared to leave the hospital Sue turned to me and said she hoped to see me again. Just to keep in touch. Of course I said “absolutely.”  In my mind I have always known that my job as a patient liaison makes an impact on patients’ lives. In that moment I truly felt it.

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