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A Lifesaver

For this week’s Care Corner story, we wanted to switch things up and share a wonderful letter we received from a patient expressing his profound gratitude and appreciation for the care he received from his Patient Liaison. Letters like this are exactly why we are so passionate about patient care:


Dear Patient Liaison Manager,


I am writing to you about my Patient Liaison at my Hospital Specialty Pharmacy.


I had gotten to know my Liaison when I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness and began taking a daily dose of my new specialty medication, which is, as you know, quite expensive.


Each month, my Liaison delivers a monthly supply of my medication with a smile and an uplifting good will. She is always there on time, with my pills, and 5 minutes of gentle connection. I always leave with a smile.


Not only does she deliver my medication to me, but she also has miraculously found funding for me and my wife so that we were able to afford this drug. At first she found a $3,500 grant, and then when this was running out, she found an additional $11,500 grant that will now carry us for almost a year.


My Liaison is literally a lifesaver. She is one of those people that make the little moments in life pleasant. You are lucky to have her as an employee; I am lucky to have her as my Patient Liaison.


Thanks so much for listening. Thank you so much for making it possible for my Liaison to help us during this difficult time. This is how health care should work.




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