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A Miracle Worker

For this week’s Care Corner story, we wanted to share a touching note we received from a patient’s mother, showing how our Liaisons impact not only the patient’s life, but also the family.


“I wanted to take the time to let you know what a treasure you have working for you.


My daughter has had a long tough road to get to where she is today. Just like all journeys, when you get to the end, you just want everything to go smoothly and fall into place. Well, her Pharmacy Liaison has seen to that! I can't tell you what a joy she has been!


Before you set up this new clinic for my daughter’s condition, we had to use a national brand pharmacy. Their only specialty was getting something wrong every month like clockwork. Our health insurance coverage can be complicated due to the constant changes and our previous pharmacy would never help out. I am tickled pink you have this new in-house pharmacy service for my daughter! It's amazing!


Every month, a week in advance, I hear from my daughter’s Liaison and she is always on the ball with the medication, supplies, refills, insurance etc. The Liaison always asks what she needs for supplies and makes sure we get them. My daughter requested band aids one month and like the miracle worker she is, we now get them! Our Liaison even takes the time to chat with me and see how my daughter is doing with her condition. Just today, I sent her a couple pictures of my daughter so she had a face with the name and her reaction warmed my heart. Our Liaison just doesn't dole out medications, she takes a special interest in each and every one of her kiddos! She remembers small snippets from month to month and brings them up and is always pleasant, funny or a good ear and shoulder if that's what you need. I feel as though she is a family friend! She has a natural way of engendering those feelings in her patients and their families.


Refilling my daughter’s medications every month is not a chore anymore. It's a joy because I get to chat with her Liaison and she brings a smile to us every time! I can't tell you how wonderful she is and just how much we appreciate everything she does for us.


Thank you so very much for taking a moment to read this. Thank you for this wonderful service and most importantly, thank you to our Liaison."


Key Takeaways:

  • Exceptional Patient & Provider Satisfaction: Having a dedicated Pharmacy Liaison as part of a patient’s care team results in 99% patient satisfaction and 97% provider satisfaction versus the industry average of less than 50% patient and provider satisfaction.

To learn more about the day to day challenges that a chronically ill patient faces and how an in-house specialty pharmacy team can alleviate those worries, check out this video:

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