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A Patient in Rehab Needs Help

Pharmacy Liaison: One of my regular patients called this week from a substance abuse rehab facility with an urgent request.  She is scheduled to be in rehab for at least the next two months and asked if her medications can be delivered there by our hospital specialty pharmacy. She mentioned that the facility has its own pharmacy but she prefers our blister packing service because she doesn’t have to remember which pills to take at different times. She likes that it’s all laid out in front of her. Looking into the future, my patient also wants to keep her pharmacy consistent during and after rehab treatment. She doesn’t want to bounce from pharmacy to pharmacy creating an insurance coverage problem after she’s released.


I was happy to tell her we can deliver to her temporary location and she doesn’t have to transfer anything when she returns home. She told me she’s really been trying hard to overcome substance abuse and thanked me for making it easier for her to do so. She said she really loves our hospital pharmacy because we have gone above and beyond for her with every part of her care!


Key Takeaway:

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