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A Team Effort

Laura was diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years ago and her specialty provider recently switched her to a new medication regimen. A few weeks after starting this new therapy, Laura received a call from her Liaison to follow up on her monthly medication refill. Laura was relieved to hear from her Liaison because she admitted she was experiencing very unpleasant side effects since beginning her new therapy and had no idea where else to turn. Knowing that Laura had an upcoming appointment and wasn’t feeling well, the Liaison immediately reached out to the rest of Laura’s care team and worked collaboratively with her physician and nurse to address her current medication issues. Instead of sending out another month of her medication that was causing harsh side effects, the physician decided to switch her back to her old medication regimen until she could make it to her scheduled appointment. With the physician’s new instructions, Laura’s Liaison quickly called her back and scheduled a medication delivery for her as soon as possible so she could start the new therapy immediately. Laura was very surprised and grateful that her Liaison was able to act so quickly and work with her care team to ease the severe side effects she was experiencing. With the help of her Liaison, Laura is experiencing a better quality of life and knows that she has a great pharmacy team to rely on going forward.  


Key Takeaways:

  • Integrated Care: 3-5x more patient care interactions leads to higher patient satisfaction rates and fewer lapses in care.
  • Reducing re-admission rates: Proactive patient refill calls by trained Pharmacy Liaisons has proven to reduce re-admission rates among high risk patient populations.
  • Improved Time to Therapy: Implementing a specialty pharmacy program in partnership with Shields Health Solutions can shorten a patient’s time to therapy from 21 days (industry average) to 3 days.

To learn more about the day to day challenges that a chronically ill patient faces and how an in-house specialty pharmacy team can alleviate those worries, check out this video:

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