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A few days ago, Jack, a patient with a chronic gastrointestinal condition, reached out to his Pharmacy Liaison at his local hospital, in need of some support and clarification. Jack has been taking his specialty medications for a few years now, but recently had to change his insurance. He was nervous that his insurance change would cause complications when it came time to refill his prescription. When he called his large mail-order pharmacy to check-in on his refill, he was informed that he could no longer fill at his current mail-order pharmacy due to the change in insurance. Jack was immediately caught off guard and panicked because his refill deadline was quickly approaching and he had no way of knowing how quickly he could get his medication switched to a different pharmacy.


Feeling worried and unsure of what to do next, Jack called his in-clinic liaison and explained the situation that his mail-order pharmacy had told him. After hearing which insurance he had switched too, Jack’s liaison had a feeling that the mail-order pharmacy had misinformed him. After doing some digging, his pharmacy liaison found out that the mail-order pharmacy had given Jack the wrong information, which had sent him spiraling into a stressed and confused state. The liaison told Jack that he had been misinformed and that he was still able to fill at his current mail-order specialty pharmacy or the hospital specialty pharmacy.


In a state of anger caused by his mail-order pharmacy’s mistake, Jack decided that he didn’t want to fill his medication at a pharmacy that he couldn’t trust, so he made the decision to fill at his hospital specialty pharmacy instead.  


After he decided to switch pharmacies, he informed his liaison that he was on his last day of medication and needed to make sure his prescription would be filled by the next day. His liaison quickly jumped into action and reached out to the hospital pharmacist, to which the pharmacist said that not only would it not be a problem to have the medication ready by tomorrow, but also they would be able to overnight ship it right to Jack’s home. The liaison called Jack and told him that he would have his medication at his doorstep by the next day with no delay in his treatment. Jack was so thrilled to hear this news and continued to thank his liaison for not only clearing up his concerns, but also making sure he could remain healthy and adherent to his medication.

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