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 The Benefit of Embedded Pharmacists for Patients with HIV

One Survivor’s Story and How She Pays It Forward

How The Shields Care Model Supports Mental Health

The value of pharmacist interventions in supporting safe medication use.

Celebrating Our Nurses

Raising Awareness to Cure Hepatitis C

Family Planning With Multiple Sclerosis

Celebrating Women’s History Month!

How The Shields Care Model Addresses Inequities

Finding Support During The Pandemic

Attention Pharmacy Technicians! We're Hiring!

Providing Injection Support

New Year, New Resolutions

Shields Starts the New Year by Joining Forces with Excelera

Life is Full of Pleasant Surprises

Making a Difference on a Patients Life and Outlook

The Best Birthday Present

Establishing Trust With Compassion and Kindness

Meet HOSP: The Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance

Bonding Over Shared Backgrounds

Happy Patient, Happy Life

One Point of Contact

Giving Thanks, From Our Dignity Health Team

On The Patient's Side, Always

Support Beyond The Pharmacy

A Little Kindness, A Long Way for a Patient

I Am A Pharmacist Because...

Impacting Patient Therapy

Celebrating Shield's Women In Pharmacy

Living In A Virtual Reality

WEBINAR: Solutions To Financial Toxicity In Specialty Pharmacy

Patient Care Unlike Any Other

Out Of This World Care

Getting a Patient Out of Insurance Limbo

Looking For Red Flags

Specialty Pharmacy Bridging The Gaps in Care

Putting Patients In charge Of Their Care

Managing Mental Health

A Patients Fertility Coverage Journey

Making Medications More Affordable

Helping To Remove Barriers To Care

UPDATE 4: Hospital Specialty Pharmacies During COVID-19

UPDATE 3: Hospital Specialty Pharmacies During COVID-19

Getting Medications to a Patient During COVID-19

UPDATE: Hospital Specialty Pharmacies During COVID-19

Hospital Specialty Pharmacies During COVID-19

Acts of Kindness During COVID-19

Coronavirus and Managing Your Chronic Illnesses

Drug Theft Solved by Pharmacy Team

A Guiding Light, After Our Diagnosis

A Frantic Call, A Patient Saved

Is Coronavirus Our Biggest Threat?

I'll Never Take No for an Answer

A Life Saved by Keen Eyes

Don't Stop Your Chemo!

Saving a Patient, and $130,000 in Medication Costs

Conquering Insurance and Chain-Store Red Tape for a Patient in Urgent Need

Helping a Veteran in Need...

How We Saved an Arthritis Patient $34,000 After She Lost Her Insurance

A Lasting Goodbye...

Mother & Daughter Battle ALS and Cancer; Find Life-Changing Help in the Hospital Specialty Pharmacy

Love Conquers Tragic Loss

A Fight Worth Fighting

The Ill and the Odyssey of Insurance Approvals

A $114,000 Birthday Gift

No Medication? No Problem!

A Patient in Rehab Needs Help

The Right Medication for the Wrong Patient

Care and Convenience

A Family's Blessing

Understanding The Bigger Picture

Life Saving Help

A Team Effort

Always A Step Ahead

Removing a Patient's Burden

Simplifying A Patient's Care Plan

A Patient's Best Resource

The Essential Part of  A Patient's Care Team

A Patient's Advocate

How Treating The Whole Patient Can Improve Quality of Life

A Miracle Worker

Working As An Integrated Care Team

How Customized Care Improves Adherence Rates

Holistic Approach to Care

Why Integrated Care Matters

Growing Your Specialty Pharmacy Program

Going Above and Beyond for Patient Care

Identifying Patients Who Need Integrated Pharmacy Care Most

Improving Medication Adherence in Your High Risk Specialty Patient Population

Commitment To Care

Life Changing

Dedicated Care

Unparalleled Support

The Persistence of Caring

A Dose of Sunshine

Making a Difference

A Break From Burden

Bridget Cahill and Carol Huynh Earn The Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Designation

Saving the Day

The Gift of Relief

Extra Dose of Support

On The Path To Health

Last Minute Save

Making Life Easier

Teaming Up for Care

An Invaluable Support System

Sticking With It

A Change for the Better

Personalized Care

A Lifesaver

Relief Arrives Just In Time

Tears of Joy

Care Comes First

Putting the Person First

Breathing Easier

Doing The Right Thing Pays Off

It Only Takes One "Yes"

A Patient's Champion

A Trusted Resource

Going The Distance

A Parent's Saving Grace

Nikki Henderson Earns a Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Designation!

Always Striving For The Best

The Universal Language of Kindness

One Less Worry

Care Beyond Borders

No Substitute For Kindness

Taking the Wheel

Getting Back on Track

A Support System When You Need It Most

Compassion During Hardship

VIDEO: Disrupting the Specialty Pharmacy Industry

Bridging the Divide

In a Time of Need, It's All Hands On Deck

Compassion In The Midst of a Crisis

Going the Extra Mile

Someone To Lean On

Care That Goes Beyond The Script

Keeping it Simple

Care That Lasts A Lifetime

A Helping Hand

Finding Hope

A Hurricane Diary

Meds When You Need Them!

Storm Prep and Specialty Medications, The Essentials

Academic Medical Centers - Prevent Your Patients from Leaving, for Life!

Creating a New Care Model for Hospital-Owned Specialty Pharmacies

Removing the 5  Biggest Obstacles for Hospital-Owned Specialty Pharmacy

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