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Always A Step Ahead

This week’s “Care Corner” story is a message we received from a patient’s mother expressing how grateful she is for her son's specialty pharmacy team and the services they provide to her family.


 “My son gets his shots from your hospital specialty pharmacy. I wanted to take a minute to recognize our Liaison who calls us every month and handles everything for us. We recently moved here and in the past, whenever we have moved due to my husband’s job, it has been a nightmare to get his shots set up. But this time around, every time something went wrong, our Liaison fixed it before I could even get around to handling it. I'm always surprised when I talk to him because he just takes care of everything and he has been so good to us. When we got here, there were complications with my son’s insurance, and like always, our Liaison handled EVERYTHING. Every time I call, ready to fight with the insurance again, he's like “Nope! I already took care of it!” He's always a step ahead and it’s taken the stress out of this whole process for us. It's really nice having somebody supporting us that does such a great job to fight for us and is always there on our side. So, I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that he does a fantastic job! Thank you so much for all that you guys do!”


Key Takeaways:

  • Exceptional Patient & Provider Satisfaction: Having a dedicated Pharmacy Liaison as part of a patient’s care team results in 99% patient satisfaction and 97% provider satisfaction versus the industry average of less than 50% patient and provider satisfaction.

To learn more about the day to day challenges that a chronically ill patient faces and how an in-house specialty pharmacy team can alleviate those worries, check out this video:

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