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An Invaluable Support System

Mike came in for a doctor’s appointment one day and his entire world was quickly turned upside down. His doctor gave him the heartbreaking news that he had been diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness and will likely have to take medication to manage it for the rest of his life. Mike was confused and devastated as he held the new script in his hand, not knowing where to go next. As his doctor began to explain next steps, a friendly, warm face entered the room. She introduced herself as his personal Pharmacy Liaison and started to explain how the hospital specialty pharmacy can help him with his medication refills, copays, home delivery and adherence. Mike had been visibly shaken and upset throughout the entire appointment, but felt reassured by his new Liaison and the services she was offering.


Mike’s Pharmacy Liaison called a couple days later to follow-up with him and see how he was doing. He was so relieved that he had a supportive resource to talk to about his new diagnosis. Mike and his Liaison ended up talking on the phone for over 20 minutes about his new medication and how she would be there for him every step of the way for pharmacy assistance or anything else he needed. As their phone call neared the end, the Liaison gave Mike her contact information and told him to call her anytime he needed to, even if it was just to talk. Mike was extremely grateful and appreciative for the one-on-one support and felt like he now had a resource who was truly on his side and rooting for him. Mike has since relayed to both his Liaison and his doctor that he has had a great experience with his hospital specialty pharmacy so far and is learning to live a positive and healthy life with his new condition.

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