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I Am A Pharmacist Because...


Do you ever wonder what made your pharmacist want to become a pharmacist? As we continue to honor our Shields pharmacists and all pharmacists, we want to highlight just a few of the great reasons some of our team members became pharmacists.



Impacting Patient Therapy



From a Shields Clinical Pharmacist - Before calling patients, we spend a good amount of time reviewing their charts, labs and medications to ensure we have a good understanding of past medical history. Recently I was reviewing the health[...]

Celebrating Shield's Women In Pharmacy

Happy Women Pharmacist Day! Please join us as we recognize and celebrate the significant gains women have made in pursuing careers in Pharmacy and their contributions in delivering quality care to patients nationwide. 


In honor of Women[...]

Living In A Virtual Reality


Happy American Pharmacist month! In honor of the fantastic Clinical Pharmacists at Shields, we will be using our Care Corner Blog this month to share stories from our Clinical Pharmacists. Our first story was sent to us by one of our Regional[...]

Patient Care Unlike Any Other

From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - I recently received a call late in the day from the mother of one of our growth hormone patients saying her mail-order pharmacy was giving her a hard time about processing her daughter's next medication[...]

Out Of This World Care


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison:  On Thursday I received an urgent call from the wife of a current specialty pharmacy patient. She explained she had to retire early, forcing her to change health insurance providers. Because she depends on a[...]

Getting a Patient Out of Insurance Limbo


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - Recently we had a patient who was prescribed a Limited Distribution Drug (LDD) by one of our Infectious Disease providers. Unfortunately, the medication was not available through the patient's local pharmacy[...]

Looking For Red Flags


From a Specialty Pharmacy Pharmacist - A 2-year-old with a late-stage rare blood cancer started his last line therapy and filled the medication at our hospital specialty pharmacy. The on-site dispensing pharmacist team brought this to my[...]

Specialty Pharmacy Bridging The Gaps in Care


This week's Care Corner story is an appreciation letter we received from a patient's wife expressing how grateful she is for her husband's Specialty Pharmacy Liaison and the exceptional care she has provided to their family:"We are writing to[...]

Putting Patients In charge Of Their Care


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - While reviewing a patient’s new outpatient oral chemotherapy regimen, I noticed she seemed relieved to have our additional assistance here in the hospital's specialty pharmacy. When I reached further into her[...]

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