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Is Coronavirus Our Biggest Threat?

From Our Clinical Pharmacy Team - Everyone living with a chronic condition, and everyone who loves someone with one, has been paying close attention to the news about Coronavirus. It’s alarming, pervasive and headline grabbing. At the same time[...]

I'll Never Take No for an Answer

From a Hospital Specialty Pharmacy Patient Advocate - One of my patients called at 9:41 am on a Friday regarding her Tecfidera® prescription. She told me she was completely out of her medication and was urgently trying to fill the prescription[...]

A Life Saved by Keen Eyes

From a Shields Clinical Pharmacist - Before calling patients, we spend a good amount of time reviewing their charts, labs and medications to ensure we have a good understanding of past medical history. Recently I was reviewing the health history[...]

Don't Stop Your Chemo!

From a Specialty Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist - During a routine follow up call with my patient, Evangelina, she reported that she was in significant pain. She wasn’t sure if the pain was from the cancer or the chemotherapy medication, and she[...]

Saving a Patient, and $130,000 in Medication Costs

From a clinic physician - Just before medication therapy was about to begin, Dr. Duplasee discovered that health insurance would not cover the $130,000 cost of growth hormone she prescribed her patient, Lisa. With no options for alternative[...]

Conquering Insurance and Chain-Store Red Tape for a Patient in Urgent Need

From the pharmacy team: We have a patient in our hospital clinic who is prohibited by her insurance from filling prescriptions with the hospital specialty pharmacy. We call that “insurance lockout.” So the patient has to fill her prescriptions[...]

Helping a Veteran in Need...

From the Pharmacy Team: One of our clinic patients is a Veteran dealing with two serious, chronic conditions. A few months ago he was first treated for compression fractures in his back and had surgery planned. Before his surgery took place,[...]

How We Saved an Arthritis Patient $34,000 After She Lost Her Insurance

From the Hospital Specialty Pharmacy Team: One of our Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, Aliyah, lost her insurance and our specialty pharmacy team was asked by the clinic physician, Dr. Patel, to see if we could somehow find a way to get her started[...]

A Lasting Goodbye...

From a specialty pharmacy liaison: This week I was in a private room saying goodbye to one of my patient's, "Bill," whom I have been helping since 2016 to battle Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).  When he and his wife, "Sue," came in for Bill’s[...]

Mother & Daughter Battle ALS and Cancer; Find Life-Changing Help in the Hospital Specialty Pharmacy

A nurse in my clinic told me her mother was misdiagnosed with a stroke, and later misdiagnosed again with Parkinson’s. It wasn’t until she brought her mother to our clinic that she was correctly diagnosed her with ALS.

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