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Love Conquers Tragic Loss

From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison: Last Monday I lost my first patient here at the hospital oncology clinic. I first got to know the patient, her husband and daughter a few months ago with her initial diagnosis and first round of treatment.

A Fight Worth Fighting

From the Specialty Pharmacy Team:  A few months ago Dr. B approached me to help a 12-year-old patient living with severe psoriasis. Under Dr. B’s direction my pharmacy team - financial assistance experts, prior authorization experts, clinical[...]

The Ill and the Odyssey of Insurance Approvals

From the specialty pharmacy team – a specialist in financial assistance, another in prior authorizations, and an on-site patient liaison - didn’t know they were in for a two-month battle with the insurance company. They didn’t think three rounds[...]

A $114,000 Birthday Gift

From a Hepatitis C clinic: One of my patients with no pharmacy insurance was prescribed Harvoni for 3 months of treatment. The patient couldn’t afford the $100,000 price tag and was stressed not knowing what to do. In all likelihood the treatment[...]

No Medication? No Problem!

From our pharmacy team -  An On-Site Patient Liaison, Patient Advocate & Clinical Pharmacist:  "One of our patients just changed to the hospital specialty pharmacy from a mail-order pharmacy chain. His mail order company didn't renew his[...]

A Patient in Rehab Needs Help

Pharmacy Liaison: One of my regular patients called this week from a substance abuse rehab facility with an urgent request.  She is scheduled to be in rehab for at least the next two months and asked if her medications can be delivered there by[...]

The Right Medication for the Wrong Patient

When Makala saw the fax come in from a mail-order specialty pharmacy she knew there could be trouble. A prescription refill request for one of her patients didn’t seem right. The patient was being treated at the hospital clinic, helped by Makala,[...]

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