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Breathing Easier

As an uninsured and undocumented immigrant living with a chronic illness, Jane faces many challenges that complicate her day-to-day life. During a recent visit with her physician, Jane was prescribed a new specialty medication on top of her current medication regimen. When her liaison was sent the new prescription, the first task was to find Jane comprehensive financial assistance for the medication since she was uninsured and the drug carries a high price tag. Jane worked with her liaison to gather all of her necessary financial information in order to submit and request free drug approval from the drug manufacturer. After persistent follow up calls, Jane’s Liaison finally received approval from the drug manufacturer so that Jane could take her new drug for $0 - saving her $77,000 for a full year of medication. 


Eager to tell Jane the good news, the Liaison went to the physician’s office while Jane was there for a follow-up appointment. Her Liaison told her the good news – Jane could begin taking the new specialty medication her doctor prescribed her for a $0 copay.  Jane became extremely emotional when she heard this news and began to tell her Liaison about the painful side effects she had been experiencing from her chronic condition, the intense family problems she was having at home, as well as the financial hardship she was facing while trying to pay for all of her medications. Jane was in tears telling her Liaison how happy she was that she could start taking this medication and that it wouldn’t cause her financial stress and would begin to help her painful side effects. Due to the hard work and diligence of her Liaison, Jane was able to breathe a sigh of relief as she realized that she will start to feel better and her health will start to improve each day going forward.

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