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Commitment To Care

Michael has been filling his specialty medication at his hospital specialty pharmacy for a while now with the support of his Pharmacy Liaison and a grant to cover his medication copays. Recently, he had to transfer his care to a larger hospital in the city, but wanted to continue filling at his local hospital specialty pharmacy. Unfortunately, Michael had almost used up his grant copay assistance and the foundation was closed now for his condition. Having only a few days left of his medication, Michael was worried about getting it all sorted out and being able to continue his medication, so he called up his Liaison and explained the situation.


Michael’s Liaison met him at the hospital specialty pharmacy and they worked together on an application for drug manufacturer financial assistance. Once that was completed, the Liaison worked with Michael’s new physician at the city hospital to obtain approval, signatures, and a hard copy prescription so that he could continue to fill at the hospital specialty pharmacy. After all of this work was completed, Michael was able to continue to fill at the hospital specialty pharmacy and get his medication in time without missing any doses. Michael was so appreciative of his Liaison’s hard work and her diligent communication with his new physician and he is thrilled to be able to keep his prescription with his trusted pharmacy and Liaison.

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