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UPDATE 3: Hospital Specialty Pharmacies During COVID-19

A Resource for All Hospital Specialty Pharmacists and Administrators: It's been three months and we all still sharing ideas regarding how hospital specialty pharmacies can for patients differently than before? What are the most common challenges now and what does the landscape look like in the future? In our third 30-minute idea sharing session with hospital specialty pharmacies, we are delighted to welcome Gary Kerr, Chief Pharmacy Officer, BayState Health, and experts from Shields, who summarize the most pressing questions and solutions from health systems across the country. The full video and slides are available by clicking on the links below. Join us for our next information-sharing session by requesting an invitation! Email with any pressing questions or needs for your Hospital Specialty Pharmacy and we'll do our best t find you the answers you need. All hospitals and health systems are invited to ask questions, participate and view regardless of affiliation with Shields.


Some key points from our third information sharing session (5-22-20):


Deferral of care impact, which will lead to other impacts such as sicker, more complex patients

Patients on COBRA will move to Medicaid or marketplace plans, changing the payor mix and reimbursements

Reduction of restrictions on telehealth will likely continue, especially with the Medicare population

The Future: What happens with telehealth visits with respect to specialty pharmacy post-COVID?

Medication shipping will grow regardless of site visit growth or decline after COVID.

Economic Hardship for Health Systems:  A report from the American Hospital Association estimated a total of $202.6 billion in losses, which is an average of $50 billion in losses per month. Hospital-Owned Specialty Pharmacy remains an ongoing positive impact on health system revenue generation however.


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