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John had been diagnosed with cancer and was soon beginning a new oral chemotherapy treatment. He had been working closely with his Pharmacy Liaison, who obtained the necessary prior authorization for his new therapy and processed the prescription for him. Unfortunately, John’s Liaison soon learned that his initial co-pay for the new oral chemotherapy was going to be well over $2,400 and all remaining refills would be $664. John panicked knowing that he could not afford thousands of dollars in ongoing medication costs and faced the real possibility that he may not be able to follow through with a life-saving treatment due to financial hardship.


John’s Liaison worked with the hospital specialty pharmacy’s financial assistance team to investigate all the options for co-pay assistance. Unfortunately, all foundations were closed so they looked toward the drug manufacturer for assistance. While the Liaison and financial assistance team were going back and forth with getting required documentation completed, signed and submitted, another foundation had opened for enrollment for John’s specific diagnosis. The Liaison and financial assistance team were able to quickly enroll John through the foundation and he was ultimately granted $7,500 in co-pay assistance! John can now move forward with his treatment without worrying about the financial hardship it would’ve caused. He was extremely grateful for his Liaison and FA team’s outstanding communication and hard work to get him the best possible outcome.


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