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Hospital Specialty Pharmacies During COVID-19

A Resource for Hospital Specialty Pharmacists and Administrators: During COVID-19, how are hospital specialty pharmacies caring for patients differently than before? What are the most common challenges facing hospital specialty pharmacy directors when treating patients? In a 30-minute idea sharing session Shields summarizes the most pressing questions and solutions from 30+ health systems. The full video and slides are available by clicking on the links below! Join us for our next information-sharing session by requesting an invitation! Email All hospitals and health systems are invited regardless of affiliation with Shields.


Some key points from the information sharing session:


Inventory Management: early refills, 60-90 day supplies where appropriate

Key Focus Areas for Webinar

Financial Consideration: Short-term revenue increases, future revenue decreases

Payers & Networks: Temporarily relaxing restrictions

Pharmacy Operations: New delivery options available, "Trunk Delivery"

Staffing: Use of PPE, Distancing, Remote work

Workforce: Free, qualified help is available now


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