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I Am A Pharmacist Because...


Do you ever wonder what made your pharmacist want to become a pharmacist? As we continue to honor our Shields pharmacists and all pharmacists, we want to highlight just a few of the great reasons some of our team members became pharmacists.


Check out just a few of the responses we received below!



Danielle Jackson, PharmD (12)I am a pharmacist because... 

"of the opportunities that it provides. While, on the surface, it provides me with an excellent career path, it also provides me with the opportunity to grow socially, culturally, and clinically daily. Through working with my co-workers, other health care providers, as well as patients, I can learn and grow every day at my job and have a real-life impact on the patients that I help. I can have this impact through catching drug interactions, evaluating labs, intervening on adverse effects of medications, or just being there for a patient to talk to for a few minutes. Whenever I talk to a patient about something, I grow and improve as a pharmacist and as a person."
Danielle Jackson, PharmD (13)I am a pharmacist because... 
"we are in the unique position to work closely with patients, their families, caregivers, and the entire healthcare team. I have always had a passion for learning and pharmacy provides plenty of opportunities for continued growth and education; I love being able to learn new thing to help better the care I provide to my patients. Any time a patient thanks me for helping them, whether it’s something large or small, I am reminded of why I chose this career and why I love being a pharmacist."
Danielle Jackson, PharmD (15)I am a pharmacist because... 
"For me, it comes down to family and impact. My family has a strong ties with the pharmacy world and I am proud to carry on the tradition. Also to be someone that any patient/friend/family member can rely on to make on impact on their lives has given me so much joy and pride. A simple gesture such as "thank you so much" or "you're a life saver (literally)" has given me a purpose to continue to leave the world in a better place than I found it.
Danielle Jackson, PharmD (17)I am a pharmacist because... 
"Medical care gets very complex with all the Latin nomenclature and clinical trial data. Like a foreign language, an interpreter is often required. I enjoy helping patients make sense of their medication so they can use it successfully to lead better lives."
I am a pharmacist because...Danielle Jackson, PharmD (14)
"I enjoy being a pharmacist because I get to speak with patients and help them be active in their own healthcare. I am thankful to be a part of the Shields Health Solutions team because our care model allows us the time to dedicate to patients one on one and answer any questions they might have about their care."
I am a pharmacist because...Danielle Jackson, PharmD (18)
"I love being a Pharmacist because for me it is about the woman who is starting her new cancer medication, apprehensive about the side effects; but after thorough conversation of the medication she is at ease and thankful, feeling supported and ready to conquer her cancer. For me it is about speaking to the woman starting her new fertility medications, going over every medication in detail only to discover she was unaware of how to insert her suppository, as she remarks she is so grateful for my knowledge, patience and time. I am honored I get the chance to impact patient lives in such a way, the laugh, the peace of mind and joy patients have knowing they have someone genuinely concerned and involved in their patient care lights up my life. I am truly grateful to the profession and the ability to become not only involved patient’s healthcare, but their lives as well; and to embody the representation of women in this profession along the way."

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