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It Only Takes One "Yes"

James has been suffering from a debilitating illness for a few years now and has been trying to get approval for the medication he needs to cure his disease ever since he was diagnosed. Unfortunately, James is an undocumented immigrant patient that has been told “No” too many times to count by various providers and pharmacies. He has been told “No, you will not get approved.” “No, there is nothing we can do.” “No, you aren’t sick enough.” He had been told “No” enough times that he started to accept this as his fate. James was defeated, exhausted, and had completely lost hope in ever getting treatment for his disease.


One day a pharmacy liaison working for the hospital specialty pharmacy was assigned to James’ case. James’ liaison reviewed his case thoroughly, and instead of turning him away immediately, he felt that he could actually help James. His liaison started to send letter after letter to the drug manufacturer, pleading for them to approve James’ life saving medication. After a few weeks, numerous letters, and constant advocating for his patient, the pharmacy liaison received a “Yes.” The liaison’s continuous effort and hard work paid off and he was able to tell James that he was finally approved to start on treatment and that he could be cured of his long-term illness. James was grateful beyond words and sent this letter to his pharmacy liaison just days later:


 “I can’t thank you enough for all the care and attention you gave me. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for always believing that I was going to get approved. Thank you for giving me hope, when I felt I had no hope. Because of you, I get to live a longer, healthy life.

I was told so many times “NO” you are not approved. “NO” we can’t do anything at this time. “NO” we will not approve this treatment, because you are not sick enough. But today, because of your dedication to your job and your patients, I get to live a longer and healthier life. I will get to see my grandchildren run, laugh, smile, and cry, but most importantly I will get to see them graduate from college and become someone with a bright future like yourself.

This was a very difficult time not only for me, but for my family as well, but it could have been much worse without your dedication and expertise. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care you were able to provide to me. We are also grateful for the time you took to talk with us and help us better understand our options. 

Thank you again. You are truly doing God’s work.


With Love,

James & Family”

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