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This week’s Care Corner story comes from one of our partners in care, Baystate Health. Baystate recently posted a touching story on its Facebook page from one of our very own Pharmacy Liaisons, Shamia Anthony, who helped eliminate all out-of-pocket costs for an uninsured patient so that he was able to continue taking his medication. With a monthly $2,000 out-of-pocket cost, the medication he needed was out of reach, but with his Liaison’s help and support every step of the way, the patient won’t experience a lapse in treatment and can continue to live a healthy life. Read the full Baystate Liaison story below.

“With patient care every encounter makes a difference and the Baystate Specialty Pharmacy team goes above and beyond to enhance the lives of our patients.


Recently, Shamia Anthony, liaison, met a HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis patient who moved locally and did not have insurance coverage. Shamia was contacted by the Health Educator at the clinic to see if anything could be done for him to ensure continuation of his PrEP treatment. The team helped arrange for the patient to sign up for partial Health Safety Net to get his copay down to $3.65, but he still needed help with copay assistance. Shamia looked into HIV pre-exposure drug assistance program coverage for the patient. Shamia shares, ‘I sat with him and helped him fill out the application, submitted it myself, and it was approved in less than 24 hours. When I called the patient to let him know that he would not have to pay anything out of pocket, he thanked me and told me how appreciative he was that I was able to get him help, and he was surprised at how fast it was able to be approved.’”


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