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Making Life Easier

Mary, an elderly patient suffering from a neurological disorder, has been receiving her medication from her hospital specialty pharmacy since the onset of her disease. A few weeks ago, Mary’s husband called her Patient Liaison at the hospital specialty pharmacy to tell her that Mary either didn’t receive her medication with her last at-home delivery or that he might have lost the medication. Mary’s husband takes care of her now that she has this condition and ensures that she takes her medication on time since Mary is unable to do so herself.


When Mary’s husband reached out to the Patient Liaison, he was very concerned that he may have misplaced his wife’s medicine when the courier delivered the package and that her condition would worsen because of this mistake. Hearing the fear and uneasiness in his voice and knowing that Mary would need to take her medicine today, the Liaison quickly sprang into action and told him not to worry at all because the pharmacy would handle it for him. Only a couple hours later, the Liaison called Mary’s husband back and told him that they were able to refill his wife’s medication and that it would be delivered that same afternoon. Mary’s husband was extremely appreciative and thankful for the Liaison’s fast and efficient work to help his wife get her medications on time. He was so appreciative that he even came into the pharmacy a couple weeks later and thanked the Liaison again for being so kind in a moment of crisis and making him and his wife’s lives so much easier.

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