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No Medication? No Problem!

From our pharmacy team -  An On-Site Patient Liaison, Patient Advocate & Clinical Pharmacist:  "One of our patients just changed to the hospital specialty pharmacy from a mail-order pharmacy chain. His mail order company didn't renew his prescription on time so he was looking at a week or more with no medication. We knew there would be a negative health impact if he missed even one dose so we put the team on priority status. Our Patient Advocates called his insurance provider to expedite a prior authorization. At the same time a different Patient Advocate found a funding source to help pay for the medication. As soon as those hurdles were cleared our Clinical Pharmacist and Patient Liaison worked with the physician to update her on the patient's status, looking at any comorbidity factors that had to be managed in tandem with the patient's chronic condition. When all approvals, funding and health factors were coordinated, our Patient Liaison called a courier to deliver the medications. But no courier services would deliver on such a short deadline. So our Patient Liaison got in her car and drove two hours to the patient's house to make the delivery. This isn't the first time one of our pharmacy care teams has come together to get medications to a patient-in-need. But for every patient, it is always the first time they have experienced truly coordinated clinic-pharmacy care."


Key Takeaway: Watch this short video showing how patient care dramatically changes when a hospital pharmacy team is integrated with a clinical care team.


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