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Jane was diagnosed with a chronic condition a few years ago and has since then used her hospital specialty pharmacy to fill her monthly medications. Jane had adjusted to the routine of easily filling her monthly medications and had accepted that she would likely be on the medication for life. When she found out one day that she had lost her job, she was forced to sign up with her husband’s insurance plan. While she was grappling with the emotional effects of losing her job and dealing with a chronic illness all at once, Jane now had to deal with the policies associated with her new health insurance coverage. To make matters worse, she found out the new health insurance plan had an out of pocket deductible of $2000 before they were able to pay 20% copays for her medication. This would leave Jane having to pay over $300 a month just for her specialty medications. She was understandably frustrated and upset by this realization because they were only a few months away from the start of 2019, when their deductible would reset and they would be burdened by a $2000 deductible again.


Jane and her husband realized they could not afford her medications anymore under these circumstances, so they frantically called their Pharmacy Liaison to see what she could do. When they explained the situation to their Liaison, the Liaison was determined to find them complete financial assistance to get them through the rest of the year. After some investigation and the help of Jane’s husband, the Liaison found copay cards for Jane that would cover the complete cost of her medications through the end of the year – saving Jane roughly $10,000 and putting her a in a position where she could actually afford her medication. Jane was ecstatic and was so relieved knowing that financial hardships wouldn’t get in the way of being able to take her life-saving medications. Jane’s husband called the Liaison just a couple of weeks ago to personally thank her for all of the help and trouble she went through to find financial assistance for his wife to keep her healthy and on track.

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