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Relief Arrives Just In Time

Jane, a mother of two suffering from a debilitating chronic illness for most of her adult life, recently heard about a new specialty medication that was brand new to market and could potentially prevent or alleviate the symptoms she was experiencing from her condition. Jane is a stay at home mom of two young children, and has endured painful and uncomfortable side effects from her chronic condition for many years. She had tried every new and innovative treatment out there with little to no relief and began to reach her breaking point. The pain was making it impossible for Jane to live her day to day life, but this new, groundbreaking medication seemed promising.


At a doctor’s appointment a few weeks later, Jane and her physician agreed that starting her on this new medication would be the best treatment option to manage her painful symptoms. With this decision, Jane’s physician reached out to the in-clinic Patient Liaison and requested that this patient start on the new medication as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the Liaison was able to quickly obtain approval through Jane’s insurance for the new medication and fill her script right away. When Jane’s Liaison called her to introduce herself and give her the good news, Jane was ecstatic and very excited to start the treatment. So excited, in fact, that she didn’t even mind paying a $283 co-pay for the monthly medication refills. This co-pay didn’t sit right with the Liaison, so she did some research and found a co-pay assistance program that would cut Jane’s co-pay costs to only $5. With this financial assistance program, Jane would end up saving over $3,000 over the course of the year. She felt as if she couldn’t get luckier, until her Liaison explained their free home delivery option that they offer as well. To say Jane was relieved was an understatement. She explained that to her Liaison that it was always quite the ordeal to pack up the kids to run an errand and that the hospital specialty pharmacy’s services would help her out tremendously. Jane is now able to save thousands of dollars in medication costs and spend more time with her family without letting her chronic illness get in the way.

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