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Simplifying A Patient's Care Plan

Julia recently had an appointment with her doctor who decided to start her on a new chemotherapy medication regimen. When she got home from her appointment later that day with her new medication, she was left feeling overwhelmed and confused about starting a new medication with little instruction. The only piece of information she recalled from her appointment earlier that day was that this medication could not be taken with calcium in any form. Thankfully, her Clinical Pharmacist was only a phone call away and they were able to talk on the phone that day to review the correct administration of the medication, which can be complicated since it has to be separated from food and many other supplements or medications. Julia and her Clinical Pharmacist spoke on the phone for a while and worked together to create a medication schedule that fits her current routine, without jeopardizing her new therapy. Throughout this conversation, Julia was able to make note of the times she should be taking her medication, eating her breakfast, and taking her other medication later in the day. Since this call with her Clinical Pharmacist, Julia has been able to take her medication regimen successfully each day and remain adherent to her complicated treatment plan. Julia was so relieved after her phone call with the Clinical Pharmacist and was very appreciative to have the extra in-depth review to help her sort out a complicated and overwhelming process.


Key Takeaways:

  • 40+% adherence improvement in high-risk patient populations: Weekly or monthly adherence calls from a trained Clinical Pharmacy Team has proven to keep patients on therapy.
  • Integrated Care: 3-5x more patient care interactions leads to higher patient satisfaction rates and fewer lapses in care.

Read a case study from our Clinical Pharmacist team on medication adherence improvements in high risk patient populations here:

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