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Sticking With It

Susan, a patient who has suffered from a chronic condition for most her life, has a track record of poor medication adherence. Due to her recent lack of adherence when taking her specialty medications, her health is getting worse and also her quality of life along with it. When she came in for a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago she reached out to the nurse that was working with her and explained the issues that she had been having with her medications. The nurse reached out to the in-clinic Liaison to see if she could help improve Susan’s adherence in some way. When the Liaison met with Susan she was extremely eager and happy to start working with her and getting her back on the right track.


After talking with her Liaison for a little while, Susan revealed to her that she was currently homeless and had been going through a lot in her personal life recently. Because of these circumstances, Susan is sometimes unable to get to the pharmacy to pick up her medications or is oftentimes too depressed to remember to take her medications. Her condition has worsened and her health has started to decline along with it as a result. Susan’s Liaison was immediately understanding and supportive of her current circumstances and wanted to make her medication regimen as easy as possible for her so that it was one less thing for her to worry about. The Liaison explained that the hospital specialty pharmacy offers free delivery and weekly or monthly adherence calls to make sure that Susan is ok and that she is consistent with taking her medication. Susan was very thankful and extremely appreciative of the services her Liaison was offering her and she has started to see her health improve with the help and endless support of her Liaison. The assistance and encouragement Susan has received from her Liaison allows her to actively manage her disease so that she can go on living her life.  

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