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Teaming Up for Care

Kate has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires using a self-injectable pen in order to dispense her medicine effectively. She received her first dose in clinic, but was hesitant about injecting it herself the next time around.


Two weeks after her first injection, it was time for Kate to do the injection on her own. She was nervous, but knew it was necessary so that she could start to feel better. When she started to inject the medicine, a problem occurred. Not knowing where else to turn, Kate called the Clinical Pharmacy line for support and spoke to a clinical pharmacist working for the hospital specialty pharmacy. She spoke to her pharmacist and relayed the issue she was having with the pen. The pharmacist took the time to really listen to Kate and provided step-by-step instructions to try to troubleshoot the problem. After a little while, both Kate and the pharmacist determined that the plunger on the pen was not moving, thus not allowing Kate to inject the medicine. After they determined this, the pharmacist immediately sent a message to Kate’s onsite Pharmacy Liaison to set Kate up with a new injection pen.


Kate’s Liaison quickly got to work and reached out to the manufacturer’s support line to arrange for a replacement pen to be sent to the hospital specialty pharmacy. The pharmacy notified the onsite Liaison when the replacement pen arrived and the Liaison reached out to Kate to set-up next day delivery.


The next day, Kate received the new pen and pushed through the fear to successfully inject her medicine by herself for the first time ever. Kate called both her pharmacist and her Liaison to inform them that she was able to inject the medicine on her own and that she was thrilled and relieved that the most nerve wracking part was over. Kate expressed how thankful she was to have so many people cheering for her and supporting her throughout this process. Without the seamless teamwork by her clinical pharmacist and Liaison, Kate would not have been able to do her injection on time. She is now very happy and grateful to have a reliable team working on behalf.

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