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The Persistence of Caring

Kimberly was recently prescribed a medication that has been on back order at her hospital specialty pharmacy for several months. During this time the pharmacy was able to order different strengths of the medication to give her the proper dose and ensure that Kimberly didn’t have to go without her medication for any amount of time. Unfortunately, the supply the pharmacy originally had in stock had dwindled down to nothing and Kimberly was running out of options, knowing her condition would get worse if she couldn’t take her medication.


Kimberly’s Pharmacy Liaison stepped in to figure out a solution for her. Her Liaison called around to 75 different pharmacies to see if they had the medication in stock or to inquire if they were able to order from a different supplier. Unfortunately, all of the other pharmacies were in the same situation as the hospital specialty pharmacy. With this news, the care team called Kimberly and discussed possibly switching to another medication, but Kimberly insisted that she has tried all of the other medications and this is the only one that she responds to in a positive manner.


The Liaison reached out directly to Kimberly’s physician and explained the situation and together they decided on an alternative dosing solution. After the doctor’s approval, the Liaison immediately ordered several bottles of the new medication dosage so that Kimberly would be all set on this medication for the rest of the year. Kimberly received her medication the next day and was so relieved that she would no longer need to stress about access to her medication because of the hard work and communication of her care team.

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