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Cassie, a 20 year old patient diagnosed with a rare disease when she was younger, spoke with her Pharmacy Liaison recently about a new medication for her condition that was coming out in early 2019. She wanted to know if her Liaison would still be the person sending her the medication and checking in on her if her physician added this to her medication regimen. Cassie’s Liaison reassured her that she would still be the person to follow up and keep track of her refills and medication adherence. Cassie was relieved and told her Liaison, “I really hope it’s you, I always enjoy our phone calls!” She went on to say that it’s really helpful when her Liaison calls and checks up on her to see when she needs a refill of her medication, explaining that between the good communication she has with the actual clinic and with her Liaison, that it’s a huge motivator for her to stay adherent to her life saving medication regimen. Patients in their 20s with Cassie’s condition are notorious for having issues with adherence, so Cassie’s Liaison said she was so grateful to hear that from her. For Cassie to acknowledge the effectiveness of the Liaison’s role and the hospital specialty pharmacy’s ability to assist her in a positive way was really meaningful for her Liaison to hear and was a testament to the hard work that they put in daily to take care of their patients like Cassie.

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