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In a Time of Need, It's All Hands On Deck

Steven, a chronically ill patient, woke up one morning to a serious problem: he had lost his health insurance and had simultaneously run out of all of his medications. Not knowing where to go for help, Steven frantically called his physician and[...]

Compassion In The Midst of a Crisis

Julie, a recent post-transplant patient, was having trouble keeping track of her various specialty medications once she was discharged from the hospital a few weeks back. When she left the hospital, she opted to use a different local pharmacy to[...]

Going the Extra Mile

Tim, a loyal patient of his hospital's specialty pharmacy, has been living with his chronic illness for most of his adult life. Until recently, Tim was managing his treatment with the support of his pharmacy liaison at the hospital clinic.[...]

Someone To Lean On

For Michael, undergoing a transplant surgery a few weeks back was overwhelming and nerve wracking in and of itself. What kept him going was the anticipation of a quick recovery and a short stay in the hospital, so that he could eventually[...]

Care That Goes Beyond The Script

As a person who has had to manage a chronic illness for most of her adult life, Caroline, has been able to keep her condition in check through diligent management of her treatment and medications, as well as by maintaining a positive outlook.[...]

Keeping it Simple

Earlier this week, a patient, Henry, was transferred over to his hospital specialty pharmacy to fill all of his medications going forward. When presented the opportunity to utilize the services of the hospital specialty pharmacy, Henry felt a[...]

Care That Lasts A Lifetime

Thomas, a patient suffering from a chronic illness, receives all of his medications through his hospital specialty pharmacy and frequently utilizes the support and assistance offered by his liaison throughout his treatment. They chat each month[...]

A Helping Hand

Recently, a clinical pharmacist, Kara, who is working with a hospital specialty pharmacy reached out to her patient, Sally, to check in. Sally expressed that she was doing quite well, although you could hear the degree of apprehensiveness in her[...]

Care Corner - Finding Hope

A few weeks ago, John, a patient liaison from a hospital specialty pharmacy, was able to follow up with a patient who had transferred his prescriptions from a mail-order specialty pharmacy earlier in the year. The patient was an older gentleman,[...]

Care Corner - A Hurricane Diary

Two weeks ago, patients from the hurricane ravaged south transferred their HIV prescriptions to a Hospital Specialty Pharmacy in the north east. Back home, where they lost everything, their medications used to come through a national mail-order[...]