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A Patient's Champion

Jacob has been managing his chronic illness for years now and has recurring monthly appointments with his physician to get blood work done and update his care team on his condition. Recently, Jacob showed up for his usual appointment and got his[...]

A Trusted Resource

A few days ago, Jack, a patient with a chronic gastrointestinal condition, reached out to his Pharmacy Liaison at his local hospital, in need of some support and clarification. Jack has been taking his specialty medications for a few years now,[...]

Going The Distance

Jason, a teenager suffering from a lifelong chronic illness, attends a boarding school for nine months out of the year, while his parents live thousands of miles away overseas. Jason has spent the past few years learning how to manage his chronic[...]

A Parent's Saving Grace

Julie is a 5 year old patient who suffers from a chronic illness that has required a treatment plan to be administered continuously for the past year. Julie had been on a specific injection therapy for a period of time, and her treatment had been[...]

Congratulations Nikki Henderson on Earning Your Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Designation, Now One of Three CSPs at Shields Health Solutions

Nikki Henderson is our most recent Pharmacist at Shields Health Solutions to earn the coveted Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP™) Designation in April 2018. Over the past few months, Nikki, the Senior Manager of Patient Services at Shields, has[...]

Always Striving For The Best

Samantha, a patient with a lifelong chronic illness, made her monthly visit to refill her prescription at her local pharmacy. Samantha had always filled her medication at this pharmacy because it was the only pharmacy she was aware of in her[...]

The Universal Language of Kindness

Sarah recently underwent a major surgery for her chronic condition and was nervous about how she would manage her treatment after she was discharged from the hospital. To add on to her increasing stress level, she also spoke little to no English[...]

One Less Worry

Jack recently visited his local hospital for his first appointment with his care team since being diagnosed with a chronic condition, and as a result, was now on a new treatment plan. During his visit, he met with a Pharmacy Liaison for the first[...]

Care Beyond Borders

Megan, a young woman diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness, is a young refugee who fled her home country and immigrated to the United States just 3 months ago. Megan and her family left their country in hopes of seeking a new life, and better[...]

No Substitute For Kindness

John, recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, had to undergo numerous tests and was prescribed a variety of new specialty medications over the past few months for his doctors to determine the best course of treatment. He had become[...]