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Care Corner - A Hurricane Diary

Two weeks ago, patients from the hurricane ravaged south transferred their HIV prescriptions to a Hospital Specialty Pharmacy in the north east. Back home, where they lost everything, their medications used to come through a national mail-order[...]

Meds When You Need Them!

 We’ve all been there. Either we or our loved ones need a prescription now and can’t get it filled right away. Sometimes the situation is urgent for people like TV star, Sarah Hyland. Even the smallest infections can be life threatening to a[...]

Storm Prep and Specialty Medications, The Essentials

The recent hurricane in Texas has cast a spotlight on the importance of disaster preparedness at every level, from the coordination of large scale relief efforts to each individual having a plan they can put into action. When an impending storm,[...]

Academic Medical Centers - Prevent Your Patients from Leaving, for Life!

 When caring for patients with chronic illnesses, Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) may soon face this same risk as the now-extinct BlockBuster video rental stores. Time and technology could very well pass them by – when it comes to post-visit[...]

Creating a New Care Model for Hospital-Owned Specialty Pharmacies

 We are often asked by hospital administrators, pharmacists and physicians what it takes to start or grow a hospital’s specialty pharmacy.

Removing the 5  Biggest Obstacles for Hospital-Owned Specialty Pharmacy

Shields has helped a dozen of the nation’s largest health systems build specialty pharmacy programs. In doing so, we have identified five common challenges that health systems face when building a successful specialty pharmacy program: (1)[...]