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One Less Worry

Jack recently visited his local hospital for his first appointment with his care team since being diagnosed with a chronic condition, and as a result, was now on a new treatment plan. During his visit, he met with a Pharmacy Liaison for the first[...]

Care Beyond Borders

Megan, a young woman diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness, is a young refugee who fled her home country and immigrated to the United States just 3 months ago. Megan and her family left their country in hopes of seeking a new life, and better[...]

No Substitute For Kindness

John, recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, had to undergo numerous tests and was prescribed a variety of new specialty medications over the past few months for his doctors to determine the best course of treatment. He had become[...]

Taking the Wheel

Lauren, a patient who recently underwent a major surgery at her local hospital, also struggles with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. She occasionally becomes overwhelmed with keeping track of all her medications, so she frequently keeps in[...]

Getting Back on Track

Lisa, a patient with a chronic condition, was recently told by her physician that she would need to start a specific medication therapy for her disease soon. Unfortunately, when her provider sent the prescription over to the hospital specialty[...]

A Support System When You Need It Most

Mark, a patient suffering from a life-threatening chronic condition transferred his prescriptions over to his hospital specialty pharmacy after feeling exasperated with the service he received from his previous local pharmacy. When he came in for[...]

Compassion During Hardship

A couple weeks ago, Susan, a patient who was newly diagnosed with a chronic condition, received a call from her clinical pharmacist checking in on her to see how she was adjusting to her new treatment and lifestyle changes. Susan admitted that[...]

Disrupting the Specialty Pharmacy Industry


Bridging the Divide

A few weeks ago, Mark, a chronically ill patient, went to his hospital specialty pharmacy to fill a prescription after being discharged from the hospital. Mark’s medical history required seeing multiple doctors and using multiple pharmacies,[...]

In a Time of Need, It's All Hands On Deck

Steven, a chronically ill patient, woke up one morning to a serious problem: he had lost his health insurance and had simultaneously run out of all of his medications. Not knowing where to go for help, Steven frantically called his physician and[...]