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The Best Birthday Present


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - Recently, I've been working with a patient diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis to help get her back on her medication. Due to the high cost, she had stopped taking her medication when she ran out of financial[...]

Establishing Trust With Compassion and Kindness


From a Clinical Pharmacist -In March 2020, we had a new patient transferred to our UConn Health specialty Pharmacy who was suffering from Psoriatic arthritis and being treated with Humira. Shortly after her transfer to our pharmacy, her[...]

Meet HOSP: The Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance


Much like us at Shields Health Solutions, the fully integrated specialty pharmacies market is growing rapidly. It became clear that there needed to be a trade organization committed to advocating for better patient care and outcomes associated[...]

Bonding Over Shared Backgrounds




From a Clinical Pharmacist - I called a patient for her first cycle of an eight-week course treatment for her Hep C. She had several complaints around side effects, including headaches and insomnia. We reviewed mitigation strategies, and[...]

Happy Patient, Happy Life


This week's "Care Corner" story was provided to us by our Director of Support Operations, Angela Killay. As Director of Support Operations, Angela leads our Patient support team in providing the utmost patient care to our patients. Last week,[...]

One Point of Contact


From a Patient Outreach Coordinator -After calling on a patient with no response for a couple of months, he finally answered the phone after receiving my voicemail. During our call, I checked-in on how the patient was doing with his specialty[...]

Giving Thanks, From Our Dignity Health Team


Did you know that November is national gratitude month? This year, more than ever, it's important for us to note what we are grateful for and give thanks. Our Dignity Health Clinical Pharmacy team did just that by listing out five things they[...]

On The Patient's Side, Always


At Shields, we have many different teams and employees that focus on providing support to our patients and potential patients. One of those is our Patient Outreach Coordinators, whose role is to connect with our partner health-systems eligible[...]

Support Beyond The Pharmacy



From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison- The other day I received a call from one of my breast cancer patients to thank me for connecting her to the Resource Navigator, and online resource database, here at my hospital. She had called about a week[...]

A Little Kindness, A Long Way for a Patient



From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - I spoke with a new patient immediately after an appointment last month. She was frustrated and needed help to manage multiple medications between several specialty pharmacies and a local retail pharmacy.[...]

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