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Life Saving Help

Joe, a newly diagnosed cancer patient, was struggling to afford the new medications prescribed to him for treatment. When Joe’s hospital specialty pharmacy team received his new scripts, they immediately started the prior authorization (PA)[...]

A Team Effort

Laura was diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years ago and her specialty provider recently switched her to a new medication regimen. A few weeks after starting this new therapy, Laura received a call from her Liaison to follow up on her[...]

Always A Step Ahead

This week’s “Care Corner” story is a message we received from a patient’s mother expressing how grateful she is for her son's specialty pharmacy team and the services they provide to her family.

Removing a Patient's Burden

Lisa was recently diagnosed with cancer and faced the reality of her new illness, upcoming treatment and extreme financial burden. After meeting with her doctor about her treatment plan, she was prescribed a medication that had a co-pay of over[...]

Simplifying A Patient's Care Plan

Julia recently had an appointment with her doctor who decided to start her on a new chemotherapy medication regimen. When she got home from her appointment later that day with her new medication, she was left feeling overwhelmed and confused[...]

A Patient's Best Resource

James was recently diagnosed with a chronic condition that requires him to take an expensive specialty medication. Unfortunately, this expensive specialty medication will be an addition to the other medications he currently takes for his current[...]

The Essential Part of  A Patient's Care Team

Michael has been dealing with his chronic condition for a few years and has been filling his specialty medications at his hospital specialty pharmacy. Along with taking this medication, he receives check-in calls from his clinical pharmacist[...]

A Patient's Advocate

James has been regularly filling his specialty medication at his hospital specialty pharmacy, but has struggled with adherence issues in the past due to his medical and mental health conditions. James and his Pharmacy Liaison have worked closely[...]

How Treating The Whole Patient Can Improve Quality of Life

Jane recently started filling her specialty medication at her hospital specialty pharmacy. Upon submitting her first prescription, Jane received a courtesy call from the specialty pharmacy's clinical pharmacist to get to know her and discuss her[...]

A Miracle Worker

For this week’s Care Corner story, we wanted to share a touching note we received from a patient’s mother, showing how our Liaisons impact not only the patient’s life, but also the family.

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