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One Point of Contact


From a Patient Outreach Coordinator -After calling on a patient with no response for a couple of months, he finally answered the phone after receiving my voicemail. During our call, I checked-in on how the patient was doing with his specialty[...]

Giving Thanks, From Our Dignity Health Team


Did you know that November is national gratitude month? This year, more than ever, it's important for us to note what we are grateful for and give thanks. Our Dignity Health Clinical Pharmacy team did just that by listing out five things they[...]

On The Patient's Side, Always


At Shields, we have many different teams and employees that focus on providing support to our patients and potential patients. One of those is our Patient Outreach Coordinators, whose role is to connect with our partner health-systems eligible[...]

Support Beyond The Pharmacy



From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison- The other day I received a call from one of my breast cancer patients to thank me for connecting her to the Resource Navigator, and online resource database, here at my hospital. She had called about a week[...]

A Little Kindness, A Long Way for a Patient



From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - I spoke with a new patient immediately after an appointment last month. She was frustrated and needed help to manage multiple medications between several specialty pharmacies and a local retail pharmacy.[...]

I Am A Pharmacist Because...


Do you ever wonder what made your pharmacist want to become a pharmacist? As we continue to honor our Shields pharmacists and all pharmacists, we want to highlight just a few of the great reasons some of our team members became pharmacists.



Impacting Patient Therapy



From a Shields Clinical Pharmacist - Before calling patients, we spend a good amount of time reviewing their charts, labs and medications to ensure we have a good understanding of past medical history. Recently I was reviewing the health[...]

Celebrating Shield's Women In Pharmacy

Happy Women Pharmacist Day! Please join us as we recognize and celebrate the significant gains women have made in pursuing careers in Pharmacy and their contributions in delivering quality care to patients nationwide. 


In honor of Women[...]

Living In A Virtual Reality


Happy American Pharmacist month! In honor of the fantastic Clinical Pharmacists at Shields, we will be using our Care Corner Blog this month to share stories from our Clinical Pharmacists. Our first story was sent to us by one of our Regional[...]

WEBINAR: Solutions To Financial Toxicity In Specialty Pharmacy


Last year Shields raised more than $400 million in financial assistance for patients being treated at our partners' health system clinics. In this webinar we're showing you how you can do the same for your health system's patients. Shields very[...]

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