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Patient Care Unlike Any Other

From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - I recently received a call late in the day from the mother of one of our growth hormone patients saying her mail-order pharmacy was giving her a hard time about processing her daughter's next medication[...]

Out Of This World Care


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison:  On Thursday I received an urgent call from the wife of a current specialty pharmacy patient. She explained she had to retire early, forcing her to change health insurance providers. Because she depends on a[...]

Getting a Patient Out of Insurance Limbo


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - Recently we had a patient who was prescribed a Limited Distribution Drug (LDD) by one of our Infectious Disease providers. Unfortunately, the medication was not available through the patient's local pharmacy[...]

Looking For Red Flags


From a Specialty Pharmacy Pharmacist - A 2-year-old with a late-stage rare blood cancer started his last line therapy and filled the medication at our hospital specialty pharmacy. The on-site dispensing pharmacist team brought this to my[...]

Specialty Pharmacy Bridging The Gaps in Care


This week's Care Corner story is an appreciation letter we received from a patient's wife expressing how grateful she is for her husband's Specialty Pharmacy Liaison and the exceptional care she has provided to their family:"We are writing to[...]

Putting Patients In charge Of Their Care


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - While reviewing a patient’s new outpatient oral chemotherapy regimen, I noticed she seemed relieved to have our additional assistance here in the hospital's specialty pharmacy. When I reached further into her[...]

Managing Mental Health


From a Specialty Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist - I called one of our oncology patients for a regularly scheduled follow-up when she shared she had been struggling with her emotions and anxiety, and had difficulty getting an appointment with[...]

A Patients Fertility Coverage Journey


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - My patient's journey through infertility treatments started months ago. When it came time for her second round of medications she discovered her insurance plan had changed, leaving her without coverage for[...]

Making Medications More Affordable


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - A patient who receives her medication through the hospital specialty pharmacy and also gets a monthly infusion as part of her therapy called concerned about the bills she was getting from the hospital. It[...]

Helping To Remove Barriers To Care


From a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison - This week I received a phone call from one of our Pedi-Endo patients' mothers, whose daughter is on injection therapy. While our hospital partner's specialty pharmacy is generally limited to helping patients[...]

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