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 The Benefit of Embedded Pharmacists for Patients with HIV

We recently interviewed Dr. Ryan Kates, PharmD, BCACP, AAHIVP, and Clinical Pharmacist from Northwestern Medicine Specialty Pharmacy. Dr. Kates works as an embedded pharmacist in an HIV clinic five days a week and serves as the residency program[...]

One Survivor’s Story and How She Pays It Forward

June 7 marks National Cancer Survivors Day. In today’s Care Corner Blog, we feature one of our own pharmacy liaisons who bravely defeated cancer and now assists those in the Shields care model going through their own battles with the disease which[...]

How The Shields Care Model Supports Mental Health

The concerns surrounding mental health have never been greater and this Mental Health Awareness Month, we showcase how we support the whole person in our integrated care model through the use of the PHQ-9 assessment.

The value of pharmacist interventions in supporting safe medication use.

Specialty patients benefit every day from pharmacists being at the center of their clinical and care management. For example, when pharmacists perform clinical interventions, it can support safe medication use and decreased likelihood of negative[...]

Celebrating Our Nurses

As we celebrate Nurses Week, one of our nurses, Shanna, provides unique insight into how she adjusted to the new challenges she faced amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As a nurse who went into homes to train patients on injections, she highlights the[...]

Raising Awareness to Cure Hepatitis C

May is Hepatitis C (Hep C) Awareness Month and Shields is proud to support over 5000 patients with Hep C across the country. At Shields, improving lives and elevating performance are at the heart of everything we do, which is why it's important[...]

Family Planning With Multiple Sclerosis

March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month and Shields is proud to support over 5000 patients across 20 of our partner health-systems with their MS treatment. According to the National MS Society, the disease affects roughly one million[...]

Celebrating Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month and we at Shields celebrate our female staff who are vital to the success of our mission. Our work force is 71 percent female and their contributions drive our outcomes and business every single day.

How The Shields Care Model Addresses Inequities

In this blog, we take a glance at some of the health inequities that the Black community faces in the United States and share a story on how the Shields Care model assists under-insured and non-insured people around the country.

Finding Support During The Pandemic

This week's Care Corner Blog is a patient story shared to us by our clinical pharmacist, Carolkim Huynh, who recognized that while her patient was stable in her condition, she wasn't feeling stable in other areas of her life. Like many pharmacists[...]

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