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On The Path To Health

Jane was diagnosed with a chronic condition a few years ago and has since then used her hospital specialty pharmacy to fill her monthly medications. Jane had adjusted to the routine of easily filling her monthly medications and had accepted that[...]

Last Minute Save

Tim was diagnosed with a chronic illness six months ago and has been doing great remaining adherent to his medication ever since then. A few weeks ago, Tim realized his health insurance had changed recently since starting a new job and that he[...]

Making Life Easier

Mary, an elderly patient suffering from a neurological disorder, has been receiving her medication from her hospital specialty pharmacy since the onset of her disease. A few weeks ago, Mary’s husband called her Patient Liaison at the hospital[...]

Teaming Up for Care

Kate has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires using a self-injectable pen in order to dispense her medicine effectively. She received her first dose in clinic, but was hesitant about injecting it herself the next time[...]

An Invaluable Support System

Mike came in for a doctor’s appointment one day and his entire world was quickly turned upside down. His doctor gave him the heartbreaking news that he had been diagnosed with a lifelong chronic illness and will likely have to take medication to[...]

Sticking With It

Susan, a patient who has suffered from a chronic condition for most her life, has a track record of poor medication adherence. Due to her recent lack of adherence when taking her specialty medications, her health is getting worse and also her[...]

A Change for the Better

Jennifer, a patient who has struggled with her chronic condition for years now, came in for her usual doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago. During the visit, a Patient Liaison came in to speak with her about the hospital specialty pharmacy’s[...]

Personalized Care

Thomas, a patient suffering from a long term chronic illness diagnosis, has managed his condition for most of his adult life. He also lives with a slew of other mentally destabilizing illnesses, which leads him to rely heavily on the services he[...]

A Lifesaver

For this week’s Care Corner story, we wanted to switch things up and share a wonderful letter we received from a patient expressing his profound gratitude and appreciation for the care he received from his Patient Liaison. Letters like this are[...]

Relief Arrives Just In Time

Jane, a mother of two suffering from a debilitating chronic illness for most of her adult life, recently heard about a new specialty medication that was brand new to market and could potentially prevent or alleviate the symptoms she was[...]

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